How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects

I had a tough time learning how to deal with people when I first started leading software projects, and it would have been much easier if I had a guide to help me. Since such a guide didn’t exist, I created one. I breakdown 48 difficult types of people on software projects across 6 categorizations of roles, each describing the problem they create and the solution for dealing with them – if there is one. This guide is primarily meant for people in a managerial or leadership role, but it’s also a tool for self-identification, self-reflection, and self-improvement.

12 Types of Highly Effective Software Developer

After creating a guide covering some of the worst types of developers, I wanted to create a guide that focused on the best types of developers. Using an analogy from MOBA video games, I created “classes” of developers that focus on their strengths, weakness, and how best to utilize and appreciate them. You can browse the 12 developer profiles to see if you recognize yourself and your teammates, or take a quiz to figure out how closely you match each profile.

What Type of Developer Are You?

I wanted a way to introduce software developers to the “12 Types of Highly Effective Software Developer” project that was fun, shareable, and thought-provoking. Since the only thing software developers like more than infographics are quizzes, I created a quiz that generates an infographic showing how closely developers match each of the 12 types. There are 48 checkboxes you use to describe yourself, after which I generate an infographic showing the percentage of developer “Identification Checklist” items you self-identify with.

How to Learn the Top 20 Soft Skills

There are lots of “Top N” style articles on soft skills, but none of them offer any practical advice for precisely how to learn specific soft-skills. I pulled together what I think are the most essential soft skills that every professional should know, and explain how they can be learned by anyone. You can look through the list for soft skills you’d like to learn, and after a few minutes of reading, you should have a solid foundation for mastering that skill.

Soft Skills Training for Software Developers

There wasn’t a training program that taught software developers the soft skills they need to have a successful career, so I created one. I recorded 13 hours of audio coaching and broke those up into 42 separate podcasts that cover 126 topics across 14 categories. To determine the level of coaching someone needs, I have 18 questions per-category, the results of which are presented in what I call a “Soft Skills Scorecard.” If you feel that you’d benefit from my advice, you have the option to purchase a single podcast for $1.99, three podcasts for $4.99, or all 42 podcasts for $29.99.