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  1. Thank you for the answer, made me realise a few things about my thought process, but first, let’s start with the most important thing above all else: Corporate songs. I got pumped up when I wrote my comment and shouldn’t have used that word. It was based one of Joshua Fluke’s video where workers are chanting rally cries. Technically not singing, but pretty close to. You can skip to around 2:50.

    To my defence, I can tell you from personal experience that costumed team building activities are a thing. I was in the pirates team where I had an eye-patch, a face-scarf, a plastic hook and a spyglass. Another team were the Unicorns team, and were wearing full body unicorn jumpsuits. I s**t you not. When came the time for the whole group photo, I looked at the camera through my spyglass, which made it look like I was playing along, while also having my face covered. That was my second day at this job (my first 3 days were a Get-Together in a remote resort) and I already felt the need to distanciate myself from the rest of the group. I quit after two months. I cannot promise you corporate songs are a thing, but given the current trend, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it is, or at least will be in the next five years. But no, I can’t back it up. My apologies.

    I just realised my comment is already pretty long as it is, so I will email you the rest of my response, plus that won’t leak any personal details.

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