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  1. Hey Neil, I think helping the software development industry and making money are not mutually exclusive concepts. Scrum is here to stay and it is not perfect to say the least. Consider this quote from the book of Jeff Sutherland (one of the creators of Scrum):
    “This new approach is called “Scrum.” I created it twenty years ago. Now it is the only way proven to help projects like these. There are two ways of doing things: the old “Waterfall” method that wastes hundreds of millions of dollars and often doesn’t deliver anything, or the new way, which, with fewer people and in less time, can deliver more stuff with higher quality at lower cost.”

    These are absolutely ridiculous claims and any grunt can see it, unfortunately lot of management buys into this and scrum masters are being taught that sort of crap. And not only at software departments, it is taking foothold in other industries in my experience!

    So for example if you licensed your game as training material to Scrum institutions, it might result in a more realistic scrum master training process leading to the improvement of the life of thousands of developers while also making a lot of money for yourself. Actually it doesn’t matter whether you opensourced the game engine, the content is the most important bit which you could still keep the ownership of.

    In my opinion your idea about live portfolios instead of using CVs has also a ton of potential. I think pages like Fiverr already have a rudimentary version of this. The only reason I’m not stealing the idea is that it needs to go big, needs a lot of marketing and sales to support it 🙂 Imagine it being integrated with LinkedIn for example.

    • In that quote Mr. Sutherland sounded like he succumbed to an overly-aggressive publisher to “spice things up.” I can’t believe that’s something someone would actually walk around believing. If he does, I think he’s gotten lost in his own hyperbole in a bubble of his own creation.

      The game is back on deck for 2021, it’s only a question of when, and how I’ll move forward with it. I may very well release an alpha, and if there are significant changes or upgrades the community wants I’ll either opensource up my code, or provide an API spec for alternate game engines.

      I say steal the idea! Ideas are worthless – only by executing on an idea does value get created. I’m sure not going to execute on it, and I don’t think there it’s particularly difficult to get an MVP built. A landing page that acts effectively as a bridge between LinkedIn and GitHub with the option for photo galleries and descriptions of projects should be all that’s needed to prove the concept. Share it on HackerNews and r/programming to see if other’s want to use it, and if they do decide your next move.

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