The Wizard

A Underappreciated Software Developer that can solve any coding problem with ease no matter how difficult it is.

Special Abilities

Tactical Library

Has extensive knowledge of solutions to computational problems.

Deep Insight

Instinctively defines problems and options for solving them.

Eureka Moment

Able to gain sudden insight into complex problems.


While all software developers can be described as being smart, The Wizard is often described as being a genius. Wizards are far outliers in terms of their depth of knowledge of computational systems and the algorithms that run on them. As a result of their indisputable intelligence, they are deeply respected by other software developers, and this respect is on full display when their teammates actively seek them out for technical help.

Wizards are found most often within specific specialties of software engineering such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, physics engines, and operating systems. Due to their advanced level of expertise, Wizards occupy only a narrow slice of the greater software development community. Their skills are highly sought after, and their work is often of great importance to the organizations they are a part of.

Wizards can sometimes find it a challenge to communicate fluidly in group settings. As a result, their choice of words, tone, and phrasing often represent their greatest opportunities for improvement. The immense value they provide tends to grant them a nearly endless supply of forgiveness, but they will often enjoy interacting with their coworkers more if they invest in improving their communication skills.

Identification Checklist

  • Will happily take on any coding challenge no matter how impossible it may seem.
  • Will easily find solutions to problems that most other software developers find extremely difficult.
  • Will quickly analyze new problems and present multiple options for solving it.

Common Misconceptions

  • Wizards are often confused with The Diva, but where Divas are arrogant, Wizards are instead extremely confident, as they have the ability to do everything they say they can do.
  • Wizard are not The Hostage Taker due to their extremely high marketably and criticality making it unnecessary for them hold areas of code hostage. However, they do sometimes implement solutions that other developers do not know how to maintain.
  • Wizards are not The Idealist, as their motivation is not necessarily to create an elegant solution, only a solution that solves the problem.

Supporting Team Members

  • The Healer can refactor or rewrite the solution that the Wizard comes up with to make the code maintainable by the entire team.
  • The Telepath and The Sage can be very helpful in helping the Wizard fully define the problem that has to solved.
  • The Tank can protect the Wizard from distraction so that they can concentrate while solving tough problems.
  • The Ranger is often valuable in making the Wizard aware of new tools, techniques and technologies that can aid them in problem solving.

Showing Appreciation

  • Wizards will appreciate being given the time they need to solve difficult problems without being asked for status.
  • Wizards will always like being thanked when they help someone solve a problem.
  • Wizards appreciate being recognized for their unique talents in ways that do not alienate them from the rest of the team.

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