The Tank

A Underappreciated Software Developer that attends meetings and handles non-coding tasks so that other developers can code.

Special Abilities

Delegation Deflection

Intercepts and redirects non-critical task assignment attempts.

Defensive Perimeter

Acts as a gatekeeper against time-wasting activities.

Meeting Executioner

Has meetings canceled by proactively resolving issues scheduled for discussion.


The Tank frees software developers from activities that would reduce overall team productivity. They are willing to sacrifice their time to enable others to focus for long periods without distraction. Tanks will frequently volunteer to complete non-coding tasks directed at specific software developers so that their teammate can continue to code.

As much as possible, Tanks attend meetings so that other software developers do not have to. They are typically a very respected member of the team, as they are trusted by everyone to accurately represent the concerns of all other software developers. Tanks also function as reliable proxies for obtaining answers that require input from several software developers.

Tanks will often find it challenging to complete their assigned work while also protecting their team from interruptions. Therefore, Tanks benefit greatly from learning how to limit their workload to only what they can comfortably handle. This can be a delicate balancing act as the Tank’s desire to protect their team is very strong, and they will frequently prioritize the well being of the team over their own.

Identification Checklist

  • Will attend meetings so that other software developers do not have to.
  • Will consult with other software developers if they are unable to answer a question during a meeting.
  • Will volunteer to do non-coding tasks to allow other developers to code.
  • Will attempt to have meetings truncated or canceled by preemptively gathering whatever information the meeting was intended to gather.
  • Will act as a gatekeepers to prevent software developers from being disturbed.

Common Misconceptions

Supporting Team Members

  • The Telepath can substitute for the Tank when meetings are primarily focused on eliciting requirements.
  • The Ghost and The Assassin can absorb the Tank’s coding responsibilities when the Tank must cover non-coding tasks on behalf of the team.
  • The Sage and The Wizard are often a good companions for the Tank in meetings where they need support in answering questions.

Showing Appreciation

  • Tanks will always appreciate a reduction in the number of meetings that are scheduled, and welcome days when there are no meetings scheduled at all.
  • Tanks appreciate stakeholders acknowledging their role as an intermediary whose goal is to preserve developer productivity.
  • Tanks appreciate when the total amount of non-coding distractions on the project is kept to a minimum so that they can get back to coding.

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