The Shapeshifter

A Underappreciated Software Developer who can instantly transform into another role in order to help people get their work done.

Special Abilities

Insta Pivot

Can switch from one task to another without hesitation.

Helping Hand

Willingness to help anyone with anything at anytime.

Situational Adaptation

Can assume any role on the project.


Shapeshifters are always willing and able to help anyone on the software project. Though they are software developers at their core, they are happy to switch roles in an instant to help document requirements, design interfaces, test new features, or whatever else needs a helping hand at that moment. The Shapeshifter is the ultimate team player, as their primary focus is making sure everyone else is supported in getting their work done for the betterment of the team, project, and organization.

Shapeshifters tend to have spent their formative years working in small teams where they had to be everywhere and do everything in order to be successful. Their broad base of experience performing multiple roles means that not only are they willing to help, but their help is always valuable. Their work tends to meet or exceed the standards expected for the role they are assisting, much to the surprise of those who hold the belief that all any software developer can do is code.

The Shapeshifter’s multi-role/multi-functional background will often come at the expense of deep experience in any one area. As a result, a Shapeshifter will need the support of specialized experts to compensate for their above average yet generalized proficiency. Their main opportunity for self-improvement tends to be in convincing themselves of the value of their wide array of talents in comparison with their specialized peers.

Identification Checklist

  • Will have a wealth of experience working in a wide variety of roles.
  • Will often have people seek them out for help.
  • Will never hesitate to lend a hand when help is asked for.

Common Misconceptions

  • Shapeshifters are not The Incompetent, as they are simultaneously proficient at coding while also excelling in other roles.
  • Shapeshifters are not The Aspiring Manager, as while they may be well suited for management, their goal is simply to help their entire team be successful.
  • Shapeshifters do not act as The Cheerleader, as while they tend to be positive people, their approach is to let the team’s success lift morale.

Supporting Team Members

  • The Assassin, The Ghost, and The Wizard can volunteer to take the Shapeshifter’s coding tasks when a non-coding role needs their help.
  • The Tank can act as a barrier against those who might question why a software developer needs to help non-software development roles.
  • The Sage can advise the entire project on better ways to balance responsibilities to make sure that the Shapeshifter has enough time to do their coding tasks.

Showing Appreciation

  • Shapeshifters appreciate when the people seeking their help are mindful of their development tasks and are considerate of their time.
  • Shapeshifter greatly appreciate their team still acknowledging them as a valuable software developer despite their ability to perform in multiple roles.
  • Shapeshifters may sometimes have to work overtime in order to complete their work and help others, and they will always appreciate being granted time off to recover.

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