The Ghost

A Underappreciated Software Developer that disappears without a trace and reappears with all of their work done perfectly.

Special Abilities

Mission Download

Ability to accurately memorize every single feature requirement.

Laser Focus

Possesses the discipline to stay focused on a single feature for days at a time.

Done Actually

Able to deliver a fully completed feature on the first try.


Ghosts make up the core of any software development team capable of consistently delivering value over long periods of time. They are focused, meticulous, and extremely diligent in the execution of their duties, and they rarely – if ever – disappoint. Their method of working usually requires long periods of undisturbed concentration, therefore making them most effective in an environment where they can isolate themselves from the rest of the team.

Ghosts are the perfect software developer with one exception: they sequester themselves and are unavailable for interaction while they are building a feature. The power of a Ghost comes from their ability to become fully absorbed in their work so that no detail is missed, no shortcuts are taken, and their work is delivered on a predictable schedule. They are quiet powerhouses capable of methodically growing a fledgling app into a mature application.

Ghosts require high-trust environments in order to thrive. Their team must have total confidence that the Ghost is hard at work even when they are not being directly observed. Ghosts often find it challenging to strike a balance between the time they spend collaborating and the time they spend concentrating on completing their work. As a result, their opportunities for improvement will tend to relate to both efficient communication and expectation management.

Identification Checklist

  • Will tend to work in isolation from the rest of the team.
  • Will deliver features that perfectly meet every business requirement.
  • Will write features with extremely high levels of code quality.
  • Will deliver features that are free of bugs.

Common Misconceptions

  • Ghosts are not The Soldier, as it is common for them to question requirements before going into isolation to code.
  • Ghosts are not The Diva, as they are not difficult to direct so long as their manager accepts and embraces their working style.
  • Ghosts are not The Idealist, as the high quality of their work is an intrinsic part of their process in delivery business value.

Supporting Team Members

  • The Tank is essential in making sure the Ghost is not disturbed as they work.
  • The Telepath is critical in making sure the Ghost has accurate requirements before they begin working.
  • The Sage is an important mentor to help the Ghost improve their technical skill over time.

Showing Appreciation

  • Ghosts will greatly appreciate being allowed to work undisturbed for long periods of time until they have completed their work.
  • Ghosts will be extremely grateful if their team accepts and embraces their particular style of working.
  • Ghosts appreciate being invited to team events, but would also like people to understand if they choose not to participate.

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