TypeScript vs. CoffeeScript vs. ES6

I got a call from the Atlanta Microsoft Meetup Group, who asked if I would like to give a presentation. I was currently embroiled in a debate at work concerning if we should switch to ES6 from CoffeeScript, so I was interested in exploring that topic further. Unfortunately, neither of those were Microsoft-specific technologies, so I added TypeScript to loop back in the Microsoft developers. The talk was in a small room, and had around 30 people in attendance.

I titled it just as I thought about it, but it turned out to the title hit a lot of different search queries on Google:

  • TypeScript vs ES6
  • ES6 vs TypeScript
  • CoffeeScript vs TypeScript
  • TypeScript vs CoffeeScript
  • etc.

Essentially, any permutation of those three technologies with a “vs” in between would return my Slides on Slideshare. As a result, the number of views has steadily increased, making it my most popular talk to date.

Original Abstract

Google Trends says it all: TypeScript is on the rise as CoffeeScript declines, with ES6 slowly gaining popularity. I would like to explore the differences between the 2 transpiles-to-javascript languages (TypeScript and CoffeeScript) and discuss their relevancy as new JavaScript capabilities become available in ES6

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