Nothing Matters More Than Coding Fast

This talk was fun to give. As the theme was “coding fast” I added drama to the talk by speaking fast, and moving quickly through the slides, which the audience seemed to enjoy. I only had an MP3 of the original talk, but I recently made a YouTube video which includes the slide transitions to the vocal track. The MP3 by itself, and the slides by themselves, really do not do the talk justice – they have to be seen together in the video to be fully appreciated.

I like this talk a lot, but it has relatively few views on SlideShare. I am hoping I can get more people to see the video now that it is on YouTube, and it can reach a new audience years after the original talk.

Original Abstract

This is not a talk about speed coding, or writing thousands of lines of crappy code in a weekend. This is a talk for software craftsman who test drive clean code, but who also have a nagging feeling: “Man, I know I could be doing this faster.” We’re going to discuss everything from touch typing, to keyboard shortcuts, to faster pair programming techniques, to hardware, to build automation, to staying in the zone, to caffeine consumption, to ergonomics, to music and headphone selection, refactoring, language and framework selection, tech debt management, rapid prototyping, whiteboard design sessions, back of napkin mockups, guerilla tactics for getting in front of requirements and staying there, and what to do when you’re 30 lines down a stack trace and someone wants to tell you about something funny their kid did over the weekend.

Video on YouTube

Slides on SlideShare

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