How to Learn Adaptability

Adaptability is a soft skill that enables you to embrace change.

Learning how to adapt to change begins with accepting that no situation can remain the same forever. Change will happen, has happened in the past, and will continue to occur in the future. The world is not stagnant, and you should never get comfortable with things being as they are for every long.

Most people fool themselves into thinking that things will never change. The reality of life is that the only thing we can really be sure will happen is that things can and will change. Knowing that things will change, we should never be surprised when they do. Indeed, to be shocked that things changed means that you expected things to always be the same, which is irrational. 

Knowing that we cannot avoid change, the question then is how should we react to change.

  • We can expend our energy resisting change, attempting to reverse the change or convince ourselves that things have not actually changed that much.
  • We can embrace the change, identify the opportunities the change brings, and then adapt ourselves to make the most of the new opportunities. 

Adaptation is nothing more than adjusting your world view and approaches to take advantage of opportunities that did not exist before. Every change closes old doors but opens new doors as well. Things that were possible before now are not, and impossible things can now be within reach. Rather than focus on what has been lost, an adaptable person focuses on what there is to gain.

When you have identified the new opportunities before you, you can decide what you want to do:

  • You can stay the way you are and hope the new opportunities can be exploited by your current approaches and skillsets.
  • You can evolve into a different version of yourself finely tuned to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

Adaptable people are fearless in the face of change, as they know they have nothing to fear. They are not surprised by change or intimidated by it. After all, humans have existed thus far by adapting successfully to every change we have encountered, so why should this new change be any different? Humans are an infinitely adaptable species, and we all have within ourselves the ability to adapt to any new circumstance, no matter what we lost, because there will always be something to gain.

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