The Capitalistic Coder

The ideas for this book exist only as loosely organized thoughts and theories in my head. Unfortunately, being in my head, and being written down in an organized fashion, are very different things.

I have three different broad areas I want to cover in this book, but each of them may its own book:

  • A macro-economic theory about how the world benefits from paying developers in proportion for the value they create.
  • A software development methodology, to replace both Agile and Waterfall
  • A description of a marketplace, where people buy-and-sell feature development

The scope of this book might mean I have to find and work with a publisher to ever get it written.

One thought on “The Capitalistic Coder

  1. The world desperately needs something to replace Agile and Waterfall. Some sort of middle ground I hope. And then you have the problem of naming it. ‘Rational Software Development Methodolgy’ is already taken and ‘Balanced Software Development Methodology’ suffers from an unfortunate abbreviation.

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