Product Managers

The following are Problem Personalities within a Product Management organization:

In a Software Development organization, the job of the Product Management team is to define the business requirements for the software. There are no set standards for how Product Managers do their job, but generally they will have access to project stakeholders such as executives, salespeople, and customers that provide the insight they need to document the business value the software should provide.

Product Managers can be a center of controversy on a project as they are the first step in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Any wrong decision they make – no matter how small – affects the entire project. Furthermore, if they attempt to correct any wrong decision, the resulting changes can have rippling consequences throughout the entire project including the project schedule, UI design documentation, technical design documentation, software implementation, and test plans.

As Product Managers tend to have business backgrounds, they often struggle to provide specifications with the level of accuracy required for the software developers to precisely develop the software. This often leads to a contentious relationship forming between the Product Management team and Software Developers on the project. The heart of most debates on which software development process to use (Waterfall, Agile, etc.) is the desire to cross the divide from the non-technical Product Managers to the highly-technical Software Developers.