Why you didn’t get promoted

  1. The Big-3 *isms
  2. Social conformity
  3. Internal politics
  4. Alignment with workplace culture
  5. Being managed out
  6. Inaccurate job requirements
  7. Org chart title balancing
  8. Salary budgeting
  9. Length of employment
  10. Irreplaceability
  11. Not exceeding expectations
  12. Severity of past mistakes
  13. Attitude

The Big-3 *isms

Social conformity

how you dress
how you talk
when you talk
what you say
how you say it
how cheerful you are
how many company functions you attend
how many vacation days you actually use
when you take those vacation days
how often you are sick
your hairstyle
visibility of tattoos
number of tattoos
subject matter of tattoos
your piercings
your height
your weight
you level of physical fitness
how you organize your desk
the books on your desk
What’s on your desk
What’s not on your desk


your choice of shoes
if you have kids
how many kids you have
how you apply your makeup
if you have a beard
how your beard is cut
if you are married
how long you have been married
what gender you are married to
which part of the world you are from
your hobbies
your social circle
your use of social media
your propensity to socialize

Internal politics

Alignment with workplace culture

Being managed out

Inaccurate job requirements

Org chart title balancing

Salary budgeting

Length of employment


Not exceeding expectations

Severity of past mistakes