Where the **** is the Threads Web App?

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2 thoughts on “Where the **** is the Threads Web App?

  1. Further, Facebook invented React Native for a purpose approximating this situation. I *assume* Threads is written in RN, and I *assume* they started writing the app from the outset with a web version in mind so deploying to a web app should be easy.

    Maybe having a web api opens them up to the same problem reddit had with LLM scrappers? Can mobile apps makes some kinda special authenticated api call that a scrapper can’t imitate? I guess you just filter the User-Agents your api accepts. This seems unlikely – nvm.

    Like you say, they could just be incentivized to keep their name out of EU’s mouth. Another social media app from Meta might exacerbate the problems Meta has with the governments over there.

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