One thought on “Defining “Customer”- Part 2

  1. Hey Neil,

    I’m sorry for the delayed response, and thank you for the Part 2 podcast. Although I did not expect to see a 2-hour-long podcast dedicated to my question, I think it was exactly what the Part 1 was missing. I hope other listeners feel the same way. If not, I’m not sorry, as it was stated multiple times in the podcast: “fuck you, you ain’t paying for this.”

    I also realized that I shouldn’t have used the word “rant” as my original post was not exactly that. Luckily, you understood what I was more or less trying to achieve and simply made a thought exercise out of it.

    But how do I feel about the answer? Considering I did not provide you with any background into what I think about the issue at hand, I think you did a great job.

    I agree that:
    – The only way to verify your business idea is to actually sell it to someone
    – Friends won’t provide you with a constructive feedback
    – VCs are growth-oriented and it really doesn’t have anything to do with running an actual business
    – We all have different life goals and expectations and that there’s no single definition of “success”

    What I still disagree with though is the “testing” part and validating the product with actual customers. I think you could’ve done it as a part of the pre-sales / lead warming exercise and reach out beyond your network early on. But again, you explained the reasoning behind your approach and I don’t think I’d ever be able to convince you otherwise.

    Thanks and good luck!

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