2 thoughts on “The Future of Work

  1. Dammit Neil, it’s the second, if not the third time that you mention the word infantilization and crediting someone else for it. Just kidding, I’m not mad, just amused. But that was me though. Now that you said it’s a damn good work, my ego felt the urge to set the record straight.

    As for my name, I actually, never met an English speaker who nailed it the first time, so don’t feel bad about it. It goes “Gee” as in Geek, “Y” as in Yell, “Ohm” like the electrical resistance. Gee-Y-Ohm. It’s french for William, hence Willy.

    Anyway, some random thoughts I never took the time to share. I don’t remember who posted a comment disagreeing with you that types are useless, but I kinda feel the same as he/she does. I see them as a safety feature, like an airbag, or the grounding of an outlet, so I’m a bit mitigated that once you got a lot of experience you don’t need them anymore. But I don’t got that much experience, so I’m still to have my mind changed.

    Your Material Scientist vs. Contractor analogy for illustrating the difference between Computer Scientist and Software Developer. My personal one is a Car Engineer vs. a Racing Car Pilot. In theory, the pilot wouldn’t need to know anything about car mechanics, but having a few notions sure wouldn’t hurt, and might even give him an edge. Now try to put the Car Engineer behind the wheel of a Racing Car, and see how it goes. Whenever someone who has a vague notion of what I do for a living says something like “You work with computers, right?”, that’s a bit like saying a Car Pilot works with cars. Not untrue, but not quite accurate either.

    I never liked Redux either. I understand what it’s trying to solve, but to me it always felt like a glorified cache. I did try MobX combined with React’s Context, it felt better, but I still have to do quite a bit of wiring with my components to make it work. I remember you mentioned you made your own state management system. I’m actually curious about what you came up with, or how you achieved it.

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