One thought on “My Tech Stack

  1. I know I’m super delayed on responding to this — but thanks for all the advice and information (and entertainment) you provide on your podcasts, Neil! You have made a material impact on my career.

    I remember in the very early days of the pandemic finding your podcast and I’ve been listening and re-listening to it regularly since. I’ve had road trips with friends and my partner listening to your podcasts and they spurred some deep discussions about the problems with Corporate America and how to deal with weaponized incompetence — just to name a couple.

    I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to do next with the podcast! I think there’s plenty of room in the podcasting space for long-form soft skills and hard skills discussions.

    Because of the demographics of software engineering — so many people retiring, so much reliance on software as a society, and the tightening talent competition — I think there will be a boom of senior+ engineers and architects soon. These folks will seek out meaningful insight and could stand to benefit from continued Neil on Software podcasts!


    Also, in response to your ‘Tech Debt’ podcast, as you so thoroughly explain — ideas like Sprint + Agile have made the focus on the ‘production of work’, not the ‘production of quality work’ (this is my personal paraphrase of some of what you said).

    I couldn’t help but laugh because of my personal experience. I work for a mid-size tech company out of a big city with a heavy majority of ‘young’ ‘cool’ developers. Culturally, these are the bean-bag, ping-pong, “I can’t make it to standup today, I have a massage” kind of folks. They’re great – don’t get me wrong. They’re smart, too. However, they just don’t (always) seem to have a sense of urgency or diligence in the work they produce. I distinctly remember in a recent meeting one of them saying “I know we’re Agile so we don’t do deadlines, but I’ll try to get this done by the end of the sprint”.

    So, an open question I have is: As a senior engineer on a 10 person team, in a company of 10+ teams – how the hell do you navigate this cultural landscape when you are a person who prefers urgency / dedication / working hard to accomplish goals?

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