Answering r/ExperiencedDevs Questions #1 (Bongoscout’s Question)

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One thought on “Answering r/ExperiencedDevs Questions #1 (Bongoscout’s Question)

  1. Look Neil, if you think I’m gonna take time and consider if my choice of state-management library is meaningfully-different from the largest and most-established state-management library, and not just another hypetrain heading to the same destination, you’ve got another thing coming, pal. Mine is better because it’s newer and everyone knows that.

    I’m joking, of course. I recognize that they both share the “just add shit as you go” model of most (all?) React state libraries. I will concede to Redux that it’s reducers/actions let a developer more-easily confuse their motions for progress towards a well-architectured app.

    Your statement about hooks lending themselves toward blending business layers and view layers is a great example of why I listen. I’ll try to observe and reduce that externality of hooks in my code.

    And since I now know these comments are moderated before they get posted, let me mention 2 things that might’ve unintentionally been seen as plugs before, but I feel fellow listeners are the target audience of:
    1. The podcast player Overcast – the main sell is that it has a mode that cuts out the ‘pauses’ in podcasts without increasing the speed. So, your podcast in Overcast, for example, gets about 20-30 minutes shorter.
    2. Stratechery: a blog about the strategy and business side of tech and media. I think it’s pretty good, but I don’t pay for the subscription anymore.

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