2 thoughts on “Mentors

  1. I subscribed to Joshua Fluke nearly 2 years ago, because I could relate to a lot of his #grindreel videos in one of my previous jobs. At this point he just keeps hitting the same nails which is getting old (and quite frankly a bit sad). One thing I think he got right is the infantilization of the workplace with its mandatory fun, team-building activities, corporate songs, arcade games and foosball table.

    As a general rule I stay away from those kind of companies, but that doesn’t help me for finding the ones with good engineering practices. What would be the things to look for, questions to ask, and such, in order to find a company with good engineering practices (and yes, good mentors)? Because right now, my job is not that horrible, but I feel like I’m not progressing, and switching job just feels like a gamble where I could end up in an even worse codebase.

    Love your stuff, keep on the good work.

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