One thought on “Employee Happiness

  1. Wrapping things up. Everyone, feel free to copy and paste:

    Employee happiness is not a goal. Fulfillment, contentment and satisfaction are emotions better suited to the workplace.
    The real goal is to preserve their mental health.
    Endless processes make it worse: tight micro-management, performance review, scrum…
    Happy hours are a lure to make people think they are fine when they are not.
    How to improve someone’s mental health?
    – Talk with them personally and listen to their problems (even if it is just a disorganized vent).
    – If you hurt their feelings, put your differences apart and make excuses to them to resolve this situation ASAP.
    – Consider their mental state during meetings. People react differently to harsh criticism.
    You can’t improve mental health in a team during high-pressure periods (tight deadline, complex project…). Get the pressure down first.
    The key is to learn and teach employee communication and emotional intelligence skills so that they can manage these situations.

    Loving the fact that you deal with psychology in this podcast. It is probably my second greatest interest after software development (got a dopamine shot when I heard you talk about the Big 5).
    Also, kind of surprised with this “happy hour” concept, totally unthinkable in France as people want to get home ASAP on Friday afternoon. I always thought that the “Silicon Valley way” of putting video games and stuff at the workplace was a bad idea, but this is another level of stupidity…

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