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  1. Hi Neil. Saw this on my RSS feed this morning, I was like “wow, such a coincidence”, but I didn’t expect to get a shoutout. Thank you very much!
    I appreciate the fact that you enjoyed my post since I pretty much took your concept without telling you, which is not super cool now that I think about it. And by the way, if you want me to remove the visuals, it’s totally fine.
    As you said, I absolutely love your article on the 12 types. At first, I thought it was some kind of lame clickbaity Tumblr joke, but I was pleasantly surprised by how accurate and genuinely insightful it was, which is why I decided to make my 2 (maybe 3) longest articles about it.
    I am pretty sad to hear that it didn’t score very well on your side. To me, it was the front door that made me discovered your blog and your podcast. But don’t worry, people do give a shit about it!
    So yeah, thanks again for your shoutout, really made me feel good to hear other software people talking about my work. And if you want to make an English arranged Google translation about my post, feel free to do so since I never translate my posts. Yeah because despite the cool and professional name, I’m alone behind ITExpert. I probably gave the name as much though as Neil on Software 😉

    P.S. : general culture advice, we don’t have unknown gender in French. Everything (people and objects) is male or female, and when it is unknown, the default is male, which is why everything is gendered in the translation.

    • Not at all – it’s super cool – I’m glad you ran with the concept!

      Nope – don’t remove the visuals. I like your articles the way they are.

      Depending on how you measure it, 12 Types did do very well, but only for a short time. You can scroll through the twitter search results (using the old URL) to see what happened when it went viral:


      Since your article is original content (meaning, you didn’t just translate what I wrote verbatim), I think English-only speakers would like your take on it. I enjoyed it – especially the “Jesus Christ” reference that made me LOL.

      I figured that was the reason from the gendered translation, but was too ignorant of other languages to be sure.

      I’m looking forward to your part-2, let me know when it’s up!

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